New Life

Experiencing Good Friday + Easter every day

The tension between life and death in the days leading up to Easter is complicated at best. Easter did not happen overnight. While Jesus may have experienced resurrection instantly, for his friends and disciples, becoming resurrection people took days, years, maybe even the rest of their lives. What started with the women at the tomb began to spread across the region. At the very same time, misinformation was spread to try and diminish the Good News of new life found in Jesus overcoming death and, in turn, the attempts of those in power to snuff out His message.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, our context was much the same. Misinformation, fake news, distorted Gospels, and other untruths proclaimed in the name of God work against Jesus’ message of God’s love open to all people. These attempts to misuse, subdue, or reduce the work Jesus started cannot and will not undermine the Good News of new life.  Death and new life surround us in small and big ways—especially during a global health crisis. The pain and loss of our former ways of living are acute, as is the pain and loss of those who have not survived the complications of the coronavirus. Yet, the ways death is overcome each and every day are there if we look for them. I invite you, even if you already have, to experience both our Good Friday and Easter as we hold all of this together.

In the name of the Risen One,

Pastor Matthew



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